• Milestone Framework

    I brought with me a proven method of communicating district academic progress through what is called a “Milestones Framework”.  The framework is divided into two parts and relates a more global view of district success.  We collect large quantities of data and it would be over-whelming to explain every piece we assemble.  The “Milestones” and “Progress Indicators” tell a global story of district positions and history while setting realistic improvement goals we all want to see happen in our schools.  Each school has used these indicators to communicate and drive their own improvement plans that dive deeper into more details and activities on a day-to-day basis.

    First, the “Milestones” name five major attitudes we know determine a healthy and successful education for students.  It begins by determining that all students accelerate their preparation during Kindergarten so that each is ready to read and embrace the rigors of the earliest years in school.

    The second “Milestone” captures the idea that these students transition from learning to read and understanding numbers to a learning position where concepts and formulas become the learning goals moving forward.

    The middle “Milestone” recognizes the energetic middle years where rigorous teaching meets explosive adolescent change and thinking abundantly excels into choice and individuality.  Being successful here opens up the final four years of high school into real focused and exploratory studies the eager thinkers need to embrace as they transition into young adults.

    The fourth “Milestone” highlights the attitudes and behaviors that represent the effort and management of learning students need to persist through graduation and beyond.  Research clearly confirms the outcomes more prevalent based on how one meets these indicators.

    Lastly, the graduation “Milestone” highlights the successful nature of the time spent in our schools.  The diploma, by itself, is not the end.  The overall work, focus, rigor and preparation for beyond high school indicates our real success with your children.

    These, together, will help us focus on the stages of learning and the improvements to each phase that provides optimal success.  We are determined to be a successful organization and will leave no stone unturned.  Your children are all too important!

    Milestones and Progress Indicators  
Last Modified on February 29, 2016