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    English Language Program

    Students new to the United States who speak a language other than English are taught the English language as participants of the English Language Program (ELP). These services are available to each student who meets the criteria established by the state.

    The Centralia School District is committed to providing equal educational opportunities to every student. The English Language Program is designed to accelerate English acquisition for students whose first language is not English and to further assist them in becoming successful learners in the regular classroom.


    Our Vision

    EL students in Centralia Schools will develop proficiency in English at an academic level, build confidence and skills to function independently in school and community, and embark on a path toward college and/or career while retaining cultural identity and home language.


    Our Mission

    Language proficiency is the cornerstone of academic success. Our administrators, teachers, educational assistants, parents, and community will work together to provide a comprehensive English Language Development program that:

    • Ensures all EL students have equal access to rigorous core content instruction that prepares them for academic success

    • Ensures all EL students are academically proficient in all State English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards through ongoing progress monitoring and response

    • Recognizes culture as a valuable asset that enables students to become contributing members of a global society


    Delivery Model

    The classroom teacher has the responsibility for the primary, direct instruction of English Language Learner eligible students. English Language Program resources are provided to supplement the EL student's basic educational program. The purpose of this supplemental service is to teach English to non-English speaking students who qualify for services using the State guidelines.

    An EL student may be assigned to participate in one or more of the following supports during the school year:

    Outside the classroom

    Students work with a certificated EL teacher or a trained EL Instructional Assistant away from the regular classroom setting. Usually this occurs for a short period of time each day. Specialized EL materials, including textbooks and online ELD programs, are used to help students learn English. Our EL teachers, in collaboration with the EL Instructional Assistants, plan for the instruction.

    Inside the classroom

    Different levels of support can be delivered within the classroom setting:

    • Students in a content EL program use a combination of EL materials and regular classroom materials to learn conversational English while simultaneously developing academic skills. The classroom teacher designs lesson accommodations and modifications according to the English language needs of the student.
    • Students who score "Proficient" on the annual English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA21) are monitored for achievement for at least two more years. These students receive their instruction from the classroom teacher, with weekly monitoring by the EL teacher and/or an EL paraeducator.

    Elementary and Middle School Services

    In the elementary schools, eligible EL students receive specially designed instruction in English Language Development (ELD).  Some students receive this instruction in pull-out groups, while others use one of two research-based online instructional programs:  Imagine Learning or Lexia.  The students develop skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  In other classrooms, curriculum is used to support learning language and concepts of content areas (math, science, and social studies).
    In middle school, students receive a similar program, with a specially designed ELD class for students who need it.

    High School Services

    In addition to their regular classes, high school students who qualify for EL may be enrolled in:

    • Beginning ELD    
    • Intermediate ELD    
    • Sheltered English - 9th, 10th & 11th grades


    Volunteer opportunities are available in the Centralia ELP at each school level. For more information about volunteer positions related to the EL program, please contact Shelley Habenicht, Director of Special Programs & Assessment, 360-330-7600.


    Kristy Vetter
    Executive Director of Teaching & Learning
    Nicki Luna
    EL/Migrant Coordinator
    Isis Albert
    EL Teacher for Oakview Elementary 
    Jeannine Canini
    EL Teacher for Jefferson Lincoln Elementary
    Katie Ingles
    EL Teacher for Fords Prairie Elementary 
    Yadira Hernandez Guzman
    EL Teacher for Edison & Washington Elementary 
    Iris Craig
    EL Teacher for Middle School 
    Sabrina Richmond
    EL Teacher for High School