• Please respect the privacy rights of our students. Reporters, parents, and members of the community should check with the communications office to ensure that a student is not on the opt-out list before photographing, printing, posting, or airing pictures or footage. 

    Permission from the commnuications office is not required when photographing public events like sports, competitions, performances, etc. 

    Student Opt Out
    The Centralia School District photographs and records video at most events and on many occasions during the normal school year.  These photos and videos may be used in district publications including, but not limited to, newsletters, pamphlets, websites and social media.
    If you prefer that your student's image and/or name not appear in district publications, you must fill out the
    photo opt out form and return it to your child's school office, or the district office.
    Photography During Events
    When you attend an event at any Centralia School District property, you may be photographed during the normal course of activity. These images may appear in district publications including, but not limited to, newsletters, websites, pamphlets, and social media.  Use of photos and videos taken during district events will, in most cases, be without notice.

    If you wish to take photos during an event, we ask that you make every attempt possible to avoid using a flash. If your camera has a "quiet" mode, we ask that you use it.  In most cases, a flash will not enhance your photographs when taken from the stands or audience, but it can distract athletes and performers.
    Copies of Photos
    We are happy to share copies of photos with the families of students or the students appearing therein whenever possible. If you see a photo on one of our media outlets that features your student, please contact Brittany Kindell if you would like an electronic copy. We cannot guarantee that all photos are available or that they are available for large format printing - most of our images are cropped and sized to fit a need for publications, etc.