• Fords Prairie Library

    The cornerstones of service at all school libraries are selecting, organizing, and circulating materials. Each school is unique for the services it offers. The intent of this page is to give the reader an idea of services, guidelines and references available to them from our school library.

    GENERAL LIBRARY OBJECTIVE: The primary objective of the library program is to instill a love of reading and of reading materials. The librarian provides a wide variety of activities, displays, and materials to meet this objective.

    MONTHLY LIBRARY CURRICULUM:  For all classes there is a monthly objective/theme followed by various activities and specific library skills.  Interests and reading abilities are considered in providing material for all students.

    CLASS EXPECTATIONS: All classes, K thru 3rd come to the library for one 30 minute period weekly. The first 15 minutes of class time is used for scheduled curriculum, stories or library related activities.  The second 15 minutes is used searching for and checking out library material.

    STUDENT CHECK-OUT OF LIBRARY MATERIALS: Kindergarten & First check out one book at a time.  Second & Third check out 2 books at a time.  Students don’t need to wait for their scheduled class time in order to return and check-out; they are welcome to use the library during any recess, any day. All library materials checked out are due back in the library 1 week after the day they are checked out.  Weekly reminders are sent home each week for overdue Library books.  If a book is lost, parents may contact me to obtain a letter that delays responsibility for payment of missing materials until the end of the school year.

    FREE TIME/RECESS ACCESS FOR STUDENTS: The library is open most recesses to any students for free time/quiet time. Open times other than recess vary due to scheduled classes and special needs calling the librarian out of the library.
    DISTRICT BRANCH LIBRARIES: A close relationship is maintained with other district libraries in order to have more resources available to each building. When materials are not available at this school, I can make inquiries from other libraries. The Library Techs from Edison, Jeff-Linc and Fords Prairie meet regularly in order to keep a consistency among district primary schools.
    COMPUTER  ACCESS: The library has 6 Chrome-boxes and one IPAD accessible to staff or students.   Students have access to AR quizzes and the library catalog (DESTINY). 


    Reference & Material request                      Minor book repair

    Internet access                                               Minor machinery maintenance

    Library materials processing                               


    Book catalogs                                                 Supply catalog

    Computer catalogs                                        Internet Access

    Limited Library & AV supplies                   Computer Software                                     

    Thematic Units                                              Classroom supplemental reading materials

Last Modified on March 14, 2017