•  Unit Assignment Sheets:
    Each student  is issued a Unit packet which contains lesson notes called "Reteach" lessons. These are organized by section and include skills practice worksheets (homework).  These practice worksheets have been scanned and linked as attachments in each assignment in Skyward. So it is very easy for your son/daughter to open their Skyward account and click on the Paperclip Icon to view and print a missing worksheet. The cover sheet for these packets details which sections will be taught and includes page numbers for the sections requiring the textbook.  Not all units will require the textbook. Some additional activities will be included from time to time as needed and may or may not be available as a printable attachment.
    The cover sheet also provides the student with the opportunity to monitor their progress by establishing a unit goal, logging the assignment due dates, charting their accuracy, and reflecting on their experience for each unit. Please ask you son/daughter to share this information with you and to describe what they have learned.
     What will be covered in Algebra Two: