• Our online textbooks are available at:   flourishkh.com
     In the upper right hand corner, you will find a sign in box.  Use the following passcode and click send/accept.  This passcode will automatically select the correct textbook.  for Algebra One use 'alg' and for Algebra Two use 'alg2'.  Password is 'tigers'
    For some additional online support, select/click on the picture of your child's textbook before using the passcode. The books we are using are: Discovering Algebra (orange, for Algebra One) and Discovering Advanced Algebra (green, for Algebra Two).  You will find a few helpful options at the left side of the page.
    Many excellent online resources are available free on the internet. The following are just a few that I have found that offer great support.
    Free access is allowed when you click into the Online Learning Center, select Teacher/Student Resources - WA - student/parent - Mathematics then select either Algebra 1 or Algebra 2 and go into the 2010 release. Please note that you will not have access to their online student textbook without purchasing a passcode, but you can access their tutorials and help pages.
       On the right index box you will find helpful activities like;
    • Personal Tutor (video lessons by subject, chapter numbers do not correlate with our textbook, so select videos by subject)
    • Graphing Technology Personal Tutor (step by step calculator instructions)
    • Vocabulary Practice
    • Self Quizzes (by subject, with answer check and helpful hints)
    The Khan Academy is an excellent online math support site. They provide lots of resources and additional practice opportunities.
    Is another online site I found with some interesting resources like Power-point lessons showing step by step instructions by subject. 
    This site has a lot to offer for Algebra One. You can select a concept, read some information and practice with some hands-on practice problems.