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    Career and Technical Education
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    “Your Passion, Your Pathway to
    Career and College Readiness!”

    2017 CTE Showcase of Skills
    Construction Program Grant Award
     The purpose of this grant is to provide capacity for up to 20 reserve-eligible districts to participate in the 2017 CTE Showcase of Skills. Read more here.
    Watch this video, it will be worth your time. Then have your student ask their counselor or Mr. Bowers about CTE opportunities.
    There is a difference between having a career and having a job. Once know as Vocational Education, CTE is representative of 66% of the American workforce. Yes, 66% of the careers in this country do not require a four year college degree, yet, CTE offers an excellent education and experience that supports four-year college, two-year college, and industry certifications. In other words, your high school student can't lose by taking CTE classes, they will only benefit from this experience at Centralia High School!

    These same careers may or may not require some two-year college coursework, but most are certification based learning careers which support your local, state, and federal communities. This support comes from those who repair the brakes on you vehicle, or take your temperature at the doctor's office, or does your hair for an interview. These, and MANY others, are skilled labor careers. The same are responsible for building this great country, and continue to do the same building your homes, repairing your computer, or repair the dent in your vehicle.

    The Graduating students will enter into a highly competitive workforce based on a worldwide knowledge and information economy. To be career and college ready, students must be able to integrate and apply 21st Century Skills; technical knowledge and skills; and core academic knowledge.  Career and Technical Education (
    CTE) Programs - Centralia High School CTE Programs - connect students to academics and training with an emphasis on real world, real life skills that will help each student to be successful in their future.
    Our goal is that every Centralia High School CTE student graduates globally competitive in the career pathway of their choice with the ability to easily transition into post-secondary education, prepared for life in the 21st Century. Every student’s passion can be pursued through Career and Technology Education.
    CTE programs offered in Centralia School District can be observed by clicking on the Programs & Teachers link on the left side of this page.
    For more information on CTE click on image below.
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    NEW... CTE STEM Robotics at CMS  in 2016-2017!

    For more information contact James Bowers, CTE Director
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