• Ms Miracle’s

    Homework Policy

    Parents can positively impact their child’s learning by helping them with their homework. Homework in fourth grade consists of 20 minutes of reading per day, including at least once per weekend. Additionally, students will complete a practice paper of math, spelling, or handwriting every evening, Monday through Thursday. For most students this will be a total of 30-40 minutes of homework per day.
    spelling hw

    Homework will be effective in strengthening your child’s learning if it is monitored. You can do this by checking to see that the book your child is reading is at an appropriate level, by asking questions about the book, and then by signing your child’s homework packet to indicate that the 20 minutes of reading has occurred.

    Each week, your child will be practicing 20 new spelling words in an activity page. You can help your child by quizzing the words orally and by giving a practice test at home on Wednesday or Thursday in order to target the words that need extra practice.
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    A vital part of fourth grade math is memorizing multiplication facts. Parents can help by quizzing with flashcards and playing multiplication games at home. Each week, students will have a paper with mixed mathematic problems. Parents will have the answers in their Parent Homework Helps folder. Please take the time to go over these problems with your child each week.
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    The math and spelling papers will be sent home on Monday of each week. Students should work on the packet a little each evening, and then the packets are due back on the last day of the week. On Fridays, there will be a spelling test and math quiz based on the skills in the homework. By helping your child with homework each week, you help to prepare them for their weekly quizzes.

Last Modified on August 27, 2015