• Inclement Weather
    Inclement weather can impact school hours and bus routes, and that affects parents and schedules. The following information should be helpful to those providing care for school age children during times of inclement weather. Centralia School District follows a step-by-step process in deciding school adjustments and closures.
    It is a goal of Centralia School District to announce any delay in starting times, closures, or use of winter routes from 6:05 - 6:30 a.m. on our website home page (in the Announcements section) or on the following media outlets/websites:

                      KITI AM 1420 & Live 95.1 FM
                      KELA AM 1470
                      KMNT 104.3 FM
                      The Chronicle
                      Flash Alert
    If a decision is made to run school two hours late, parents are advised to continue listening to the radio or watching our website. A decision whether road conditions and weather require that school be canceled will be made no later than 7:30 a.m. and announced shortly thereafter.
    Should they be required, Centralia School District will strive to announce early releases two hours before students are to be released. Dismissal times will be staggered in the following order: primary schools, high school, middle school, and intermediate schools.

    How we Decide
    Before deciding to delay school start times or close schools altogether, district staff drive and assess road conditions during early morning hours and throughout the day. Our district covers a large area with steep terrain in places. While roads may be passable in town, conditions may be different just a few miles away. Before delaying school start times or closing schools entirely, we seek answers to the following questions:
    • Can we ensure that buses can navigate safely?
    • Will students be safe waiting for buses, walking to school, or driving?
    • What are the predicted weather conditions for later in the school day?
    • Will conditions be substantially imrpved if we start school late?
    • Will we have head and light in our schools?
    Emergency Weather Conditions
    Schools Closed: Determination of all school closures will be on a day-to-day basis. All meetings, field trips, after-school activities, etc. will be cancelled for the day unless specific exceptions are mentioned.
    Schools Open - Limited Bus Transportation: Limited transportation is provided when buses are unable to use hill roads; buses may run late.
    Schools Open - Late: Bus schedules and school will run late but students will be dismissed at the regular time unless otherwise announced.

    Emergency Plans Are Important
    Each family needs to have a plan covering what to do when children must leave home late (or not at all) for school or arrive home early because of an emergency transportation situation.
    • What is the best route if your child cannot be delivered to the usual bus stop?
    • Where could he/she go if help were needed?
    • Who would care for your child until you arrived?
    • Is there someone your youngster can call in an emergency?