• CISPUS PowerPoint

    This PowerPoint gives a great overview of the experience.

    Cispus 2019

    April 16-19



    Cispus Outdoor School provides students with activities that incorporate state expectations in Science; including observing, classifying, communicating, measuring, interpreting data, and other methods of scientific inquiry. Students have the opportunity to learn about their environment in a hands-on, activity-based program. While learning about natural resources and respect for and responsibility toward our environment, they are involved in a variety of small group activities that incorporate problem-solving, cooperative learning, leadership, and teamwork.

    Fees:  All $85 fees are due on March 14th

    Fundraising:  We ask that ALL students and parents participate in our fundraising efforts. 
    Forms:  All forms will be passed out to students by Friday, January 29th.  They can also be printed from this website.