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    • CommCore Sixth Grade MathCommCore

      We are now in our second year of Common Core National Standards.  This changed many of the standards that we were teaching in the past.  With these new standards comes new materials and curriculum.  Although we do not have a math "text book" we are working out of the OnCore Common Core math lessons book.  I have taken all of these lessons and scanned them electronically and put them on a spreadsheet that all of the sixth grade teachers will be using.  This will allow us to meaningfully teach each standard and connect it to practice sheets that are also on the spreadsheet.
      In sixth grade we have six math classes.  Your student will be placed in a class that is challenging to them but yet not overburdening.  Each student had the opportunity to move up or down and level at any time at the discretion of the sixth grade math team.  This has proven very effective for our students in past years and we hope that they will enjoy continued success in our program.
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