• September 7, 2010

    Dear 6th grade Parents and Guardians,

    Welcome to a new and exciting year for your child! We are looking forward to getting to know you in the coming weeks.  In our 6th grade classroom there are two teachers. Mrs. Johnson is the morning teacher and will be teaching Reading and Math. Mrs. Rothlin comes before lunch and teaches Spelling, Writing, Science, Health and Social Studies.

    How to Contact Us  

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     Go to:  https://www.centralia.k12.wa.us/site/Default.aspx?PageID=1

    We can be reached by telephone at school, 330-7641. Please schedule an appointment if you have a concern that cannot be resolved with a brief telephone call. We can also communicate by email, trothlin@centralia.wednet.edu, and sjohnson@centralia.wednet.edu, or by writing a note in your child's agenda, which we check daily. We want to know right away if you have a concern or question about your child so we can resolve it quickly.

      Organization is important. Students are expected to fill out their agenda, complete homework, and turn it in on time. Parents are expected to sign the agenda each night -- which shows that your child completed the required 30 minutes of reading and any other homework assignment. Homework is normally any assignment not finished in class.

    P.E.:  Please note that we have P.E. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tennis shoes are recommended for safety reasons.

    Absences - It is the responsibility of the student to find out what assignments are missed due to absences. I recommend that parents contact the school for homework if the student will be absent for more than one day. Although some work can be made up, students miss valuable class time if they are absent. Attendance is SO important to student success!

    Treats - Students are welcome to bring treats on their birthdays, but they must be store bought items, and not homemade. Please send a note ahead of time if you plan to send treats.

    Classroom Helpers - If you are available to help in the classroom, we always welcome volunteers. We especially like parents to read with students or help students in other areas. There are many other jobs that we can use help with.

    Communication between parent/guardian, teacher(s), and child is most important for students to be successful. Above all, we want your child to feel happy and safe to come to our classroom. If this is not the case, please let us know! We want all of us to have a successful year.




    Mrs. Johnson
    Mrs. Rothlin




    If possible we would appreciate your child coming to school the first day with an organized notebook ready to learn. If you can help your child with this it will be most helpful. Thank you!


    1. Pencil pouch


    1. Agenda


    1. Lined notebook paper in front of notebook (not behind dividers)



    1. Subject Dividers in this order:




    Social Studies




    1. HOMEWORK: Read 30 min every night Monday to Thursday, fill out AR log and have parent sign agenda. Any assignment not finished in class becomes homework.


    1. Take your NOTEBOOK, HOMEWORK, AR BOOK, and needed TEXT BOOKS home each day.


    1. Citations are given for incomplete homework and missing assignments.


    1. Please keep your notebook organized using these guidelines and we will all be successful!
Last Modified on September 6, 2010