• My name is Regina Brown and I am thrilled to work with the students, staff, and families here at Washington Elementary.
    We have some of the most committed staff members in this building who inspire me daily with their passion and commitment to your children.
    My job as a school counselor is rewarding.
    One of my passions as a counselor is helping to ensure that each and EVERY student feels safe at school.
    If they feel safe, they will risk more to learn.
    On my website you will see links relating to school safety and anti-bullying and harassment information.

    I have been the school counselor of this building for the last 19 years. I love it here!
    My education includes a Masters in Education (M.Ed.), a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and I am a Nationally Board Certified School Counselor
    I value and enjoy the hours I spend with your children... 
    I know their precious worth as I am a mom of 3 girls. 
           My Girls....     Down Time        
    Thank you for sharing your children with us and partnering with our school as we help them learn and grow.
    Please call or email with any questions or concerns. 
    It's going to be a great school year!
    Regina Brown
    School Counselor
Last Modified on August 25, 2020