• Technology in the Classroom

    Qwizdom Remotes
    We have 32 Qwizdom Q remotes in the classsroom.  These remotes are used for a variety of lessons and in a variety of ways.   I have quizzes set up for:
    • World History Studies Weekly
    • Endeavor: World Science Studies Weekly
    • Health Chapter Tests
    • Geography Knowledge
    • Math Math Math 

    I also use the remotes for daily math quizzes and to do weekly reviews using one of the many fun games that are part of the software.

    Computers and Software
    There are  desktop computers loaded with up-to-date software so that the students can do research and produce assignments that are easily edited and can be printed in B/W or Color.  I also have a scanner in my room which students use to scan some their assignments to PDF format. 
    Teacher Tools
    I use my projector and document camera on a daily basis.  These are optimum tools for keeping student's attention and getiing the most from lessons.  I use my Qwizdom Q7 Portable Smart board for many lessons.  I also have a scanner, color laser printer and many other tech devices that help me, not only with teaching, but with classroom management as well.
Last Modified on August 9, 2014