• Report Cards and Grading

    You are ultimately accountable for your success.  EVERY assignment must be turned in.  If students know that a teacher will not accept late assignments then many will just not do them.  I want them to do each assignment to the best of their ability.  Students that do not complete work will have consequences.

    "It is easy to dodge responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities."

                            -Sir Josiah Stamp


    It is very easy to meet standard in all of my classes.  All you need to do is:

    Do your work neatly (If I can't read it I can't grade it)


    Do your work on time


    Do your work correctly


    Head your paper correctly


    Show a strategy that you used if you do not understand

    Our district uses a standards based grading policy:

    Consistently Meeting or Exceeding Standard4
    Meeting Standard 3
    Below Standard 2
    Well Below Standard 1

    Report cards will be given to students on the following dates:

    Target November 17th, 2015
    Target March 17th, 2016
    June 17th, 2016

Last Modified on January 30, 2016