• Field Trip Policy

    Field trips are significant and essential activities designed to offer additional learning experiences. They are not isolated events but are an integral part of the instructional process. The entire field trip is well planned with an emphasis on education value and safety. Adequate supervision is provided especially for swimming at grade 3. The ratio of students to adults varies according to the age of the students and the trip. Parental approval is secured prior to the field trip.

    Centralia School District supports annual field trips. Included in the schedule in previous years have been kindergarten trips to Safety City and a pumpkin patch. First graders have enjoyed fire and police station visits while second graders have traveled to Northwest Trek Wildlife Center. Third graders research local history by taking a tour of downtown Centralia and many visit the Lewis County Historical Museum. Some fourth grade students take part in the Junior Programs/Performances in Olympia. Fifth graders visit the Capitol Building in Olympia, and sixth grade students look forward to the Cispus Environmental Center Experience.

    As the curriculum changes, the list of field trips is reviewed.