• Mr Hemond
    Zack Hemond
    (360)330-7605 x6149
    Room 213
    I am a native of Owosso, MI. Attended Michigan State University for six years (four to
    get my BS and two more to get my teaching credentials). I'm the husband of the most
    wonderful woman in the world, youngest of nine children (six sisters and two brothers),
    uncle to twenty one nieces and nephews, owner of four cats, two dogs, 11 American
    Paint Horses, one donkey, and two go

    Teaching Philosophy

    As a teacher I am not a dispenser of knowledge, but a guide on a journey to 
    understanding. In my classroom you will be asked to push your thinking at each and
    every turn. Your goal should not be a "good grade", but instead an increase in your
    understanding of the subject matt