• School Attendance Information
    Regular attendance at school is critical to student success. Cooperation among students, parents, and schools is essential for students to get the full benefit of their educational program.

    Parents should be aware of the truancy law, also known as the Becca Bill, passed by the state legislature in 1995. This law requires the school district to file a truancy petition directly with the juvenile court if a student has five unexcused absences in a month or ten in a school year.

    School handbooks outline the attendance policies in detail. Parents should be familiar with these policies and direct any questions to the principal. You may get a copy of the school handbook from the principal. Please note that the Board of Directors approved new attendance standards that start with the 2015-16 school year. You can read the District's attendance policy here.

    Permitted Absences by Time Period
    Time Period
     # Permitted Combined Excused or Unexcused Absences
     Per Quarter (45 Days)
    Semester (90 Days)
     Annually  18
    If you know your child must miss school for any reason, please contact the school office in advance.