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  • Community Resource Event

    Join us May 30th from 5-8pm in the Centralia High School Gilmore Commons at 813 Eshom Rd. in Centralia.

    This is a free event where you can learn about programs available within our district as well as local organizations set on help individuals, children, and families.

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  • If you could please take the time and complete this Family Survey on education in Centralia, it would be greatly appreciated. Your answers to these questions will help us improve upon the education provided to all students in the school district.

    Thank you for taking the time.

    Mr. Bowers

    Principal FHS/CVA

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  • Here is a reading that can help students and parents when experiencing school violence, either directly or indirectly.

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  • NAMI – Lewis County Mobile Crisis Team
    They are available 24/7 free - to talk by phone or come to the home.


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  • Weather - Are We Closed?

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  • ALE Statement of Understanding

    In accordance with the Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) rule (WAC 392-121-182) section (6)(j), parent(s) or guardian shall, prior to enrollment, be provided with and sign documentation attesting to the understanding of the difference between home-based instruction and enrollment in an alternative learning experience.

     Provided on this form are summary and narrative descriptions of the difference between home-based instruction and an ALE. Please read these descriptions and sign below.

    Home-Based Instruction (This is not Futurus High School
    o   Is provided by the parent or guardian as authorized under RCW 28A.200 and 28A.225.010.
    o   Students are not enrolled in public education.
    o   Students are not subject to the rules and regulations governing public schools, including course, graduation, and assessment requirements.
    o   The public school is under no obligation to provide instruction or instructional materials, or otherwise supervise the student’s education.

    Alternative Learning Experience at Futurus High School
    o   Is authorized under WAC 392-121-182.
    o   Students are enrolled in public education either full-time or part-time.
    o   Students are subject to the rules and regulations governing public school students including course, graduation, and assessment requirements for all portions of the ALE.
    o    Learning experiences are:
                        o   Supervised, monitored, assessed, and evaluated by certificated teachers.
                        o   Provided via a written student learning plan.
                        o   Provided in whole, or part outside the regular classroom .

    Part-time Enrollment of Home-Based Instruction Students (This is not Futurus High School)
    Home-based instruction students may enroll in public school programs, including ALE programs, on a part-time basis and retain their home-based instruction status. In the case of part-time enrollment in ALE, the student will need to comply with the requirements of the ALE written student learning plan, but not be required to participate in state assessments or meet state graduation requirements.

    I have read the summary and detailed descriptions of home-based instruction and alternative learning experience provided and I understand the difference between home-based instruction and the alternative learning experience program in which my child is enrolling.

    Home-based instruction is authorized under Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 28A.225.010 and RCW 28A.200.  When a parent or guardian has filed a ‘declaration of intent to provide home-based instruction’ with the district and is meeting the requirements for home-based instruction stated in RCW 28A.225, the student is eligible to receive home-based instruction. Students receiving only home-based instruction are not enrolled in public education, and they do not have to comply with the rules and regulations regarding public schools. Since the student is not registered or enrolled in the public school system, the school district is under no obligation to provide instruction or instructional materials for these students. Home-based instruction students are not required to participate in any district or state testing and/or assessments. Additionally, home-based instruction students are not eligible for graduation through a public high school unless they meet all of the graduation requirements established by the state, district, and the local high school. This includes earning the Certificate of Academic Achievement.

    Part-time enrollment
    Home-based instruction students may have access to ancillary services and may enroll in a public school course, such as an alternative learning experience course, on a part-time basis where space is available. Part-time enrollment is defined as being less than full-time enrollment. In these cases, the student is responsible for maintaining acceptable attendance and meeting all course and school requirements. For an alternative learning experience, this will mean meeting the requirements of the written student learning plan. The student continues to be considered a home-based instruction student when enrolled part-time in a public school setting. Therefore, except for the individual class requirements, school and district attendance rules, and school behavior policies, the limitations and restrictions noted in the paragraph above are in force.

    Full-time enrollment
    A student enrolling full-time in a public school alternative learning experience program is not receiving home-based instruction, even if the parent or guardian has filed a ‘declaration of intent  to provide home-based instruction’ with the school district. The student is considered a public school student and is subject to all the rules and regulations governing the actions of all public school students. This includes, but is not limited to, attendance, meeting course requirements, graduation requirements, and assessment requirements. Full-time students are eligible for graduation from a public high school upon meeting all of the school, district, and state requirements.
    Additionally, parent and student has signed an FHS contract outlining the schools mission, purpose, discipline and behavior policy, attendance and academic progress requirements as related to an ALE school rules. It is also understood that by signing below the parent has been informed that after three calendar months of inadequate progress, the student will be released from FHS and will require enrollment in another high school; if the student is under the age of 18.
    Progress will be determined by the advisor through weekly and monthly progress checks as well as scheduled parent/student/teacher conferences while taking into account individual student needs. The review of student progress can be accessed through the online APEX learning system, by calling an FHS advisor, or by contacting the FHS office; both parent/guardian and student have access at any time to progress information. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain the pace set by the advisor through each class in which they are enrolled. It is also the responsibility of the parent to attend regular conferences, check on their students’ progress, and keep the school advised to absences and changes in personal contact information.

    Centralia School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following employees have been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination: Civil Rights Coordinator & Title IX Coordinator: Tabitha Whiting (twhiting@centralia.wednet.edu); and
    Section 504 Coordinator: Tammie Jensen-Tabor, (tjensen-tabor@centralia.wednet.edu) (360) 330-7600, 2320 Borst Avenue, Centralia, WA 98531-0610.