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20th Annual Biotech Day Another Huge Success

The 20th annual SWW Biotech Day was another huge success on March 23rd at Centralia High School. More than 300 students from nine Southwest Washington schools participated in the genetics/biology event.

Each year, student leaders create a theme with a mystery that must be solved through a combination of DNA testing, studying of handwriting samples, and matching fingerprints. This year, the theme was Genebusters, a variation of Ghostbusters. A protagonist stole all of the ghosts captured and stored by the Ghostbusters. But they left clues behind including DNA and fingerprints in the lab. Participants had to use these clues to eliminate more than 70 suspects to find the true criminal.

According to BioTechDay.org, the purpose of the event is to bring “biotechnology closer to the lives of high school students.” It exposes them to a huge variety of career potentials they may not have previously considered.

Participating schools included Adna, Centralia High School, Harbor Homeschool Cooperative, HeLa High School, J.M. Weatherwax High School (Aberdeen), Napavine High School, North Thurston High School, Pe Ell High School, Tumwater High School, and W.F. West.