The Centralia School District Teaching & Learning Department is committed to ensuring success for all students through providing high-quality learning experiences. We are committed to working with staff, families, and communities to maximize student learning. 

Our teaching and learning services office also encompass a variety of special programs for students with unique needs including English Language Learners (ELL), Homeless, Title 1, and struggling students.  In concert with Special Education, Career and Technical Education, and Futurus High School, these offerings constitute a full continuum of student services to ensure all children have a path to a high quality education.

We guide the implementation of research based best instructional practices and selection of standards-based instructional materials and programs. Our office offers professional development opportunities to ensure educational professionals are highly qualified to work with our students. 

Contact Information
 Kristy Vetter
Kristy Vetter - Executive Director of Teaching & Learning
 Ann Grande
Ann Grande - Educational Specialist
 Mike Stratton
Mike Stratton - Educational Specialist

 Sara Alvarado
Sara Alvarado - Educational Specialist